How to be HAPPY

Happiness hasn’t always been an easy emotion to come by for me. I’ve not had an overly difficult life or anything like that but I’ve always been a person who has felt every emotion intensely. When I was in High School and sitting exams, the level of stress I felt was often debilitating. When I started a relationship with my husband, I would analyse every single word he said and action he made, looking for hidden meanings beneath his tone of voice and body language. An random advert with perhaps a sad undertone would floor me and I’d think about it for days.

I’ve always felt things more than what I imagine the average person does. But I’ve learned to embrace it and in all honesty I believe it’s this part of me that has had a hand in creating all of the better parts of my personality. It’s made me more compassionate and empathetic, qualities that I am proud to possess.

But it’s a lot of hard work and dedication that has gotten me to a place where I am able to function in every day life, and I thought that I’d share some of these tips with you today:

Get a good amount of sleep

I know I know… this may be an impossibility if you have tiny terrors running about your feet morning, noon and night… but any parents out there will know the difference even one good nights sleep can make!

Find a hobby

Whether it’s crotchet or karate, painting or photography, find something that you love doing and dedicate some of your time to it. It’s important to find something you love so try out as many things as you can to find that perfect pastime.

Make time for friends

Having true friends in your life means that regardless of how often you see them, it always feels like no time has passed. So whether it’s a quick cup of coffee together or a night out with cocktails, you will never be happier than when you are in the company of friends.

Don’t watch the News

I know this may sound like a stupid idea, but sometimes ignorance really is bliss. There are so many horrible things happening in the world and 99% of any news broadcast is filled with murder, famine, unemployment and all the other tragedies of the day. Trust that anything you need to know, you will be made aware of.

Do some good

Following on from the previous point… don’t ignore all of the travesties in the world, but instead help the situation. Volunteer for a good cause. Set up a monthly direct debit for a charity you feel passionate about. This is not only a way of acknowledging that the world is an imperfect place, but it’s your valid and noble attempt at trying to right some of its wrongs.

Cherish what you have

In today’s social media filled world, we often find ourselves envious of our online “friends”. The holidays they take, their perfect bodies, their amazing new cars. However… when you start to feel that green eyed monster making an appearance, it’s always a good idea to remind yourself that they are simply showing off the best parts of their lives. Nobody shows the hard parts. You don’t know what battles they may be facing behind their perfectly photoshopped Instagram post. So instead of letting jealousy rear it’s ugly head, be thankful for all that you have in your own life.

I hope that these tips were helpful for anyone needing reminded that happiness is always just around the corner. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of self-loathing and feeling sorry for yourself when things aren’t going your way. But trust me when I tell you, life is much more fun and interesting when you have a smile on your face and happiness in your heart!


Follow Friday

Happy Friday lovely people!

I thought I’d share something a bit different today. I’ve been loving discovering new blogs as of late and have found myself reading them into the wee hours of the morning. So I thought I’d share some of my favourites from the past week:

These are just a few, and they are all wonderful in their own right. They cover a whole range of topics from makeup to mental health, life changing health conditions to creative short stories!

Have a little read, and feel free to leave any blogs you think I would enjoy reading in the comments… including your own posts! 😁


Today is a day for calm.

Our lives are always a bit crazy with all that’s going on, so sometimes it’s just nice to have a “nothing” day, where my boy and I stay in our pjs, play on the floor with his toys and intermittently cuddle up on the couch watching his favourite episodes of Peppa Pig.

It’s needed every now and again for both him and me.

No need to leave the house for anything, no need for rushing about… just being.

I urge all you mummies/ daddies out there to have these days. The housework can wait. Don’t bother with a big fancy dinner. Just have a day of calm… And all will be right in the world again!

Words Of The Week – #3

So call me an old romantic but this past week I’ve been feeling so much love for my hubby.

He’s the best person in my life (including my beautiful little boy) and sometimes it just hits me that I am bloody lucky to have him!

On that basis, this weeks theme is LOVE πŸ’•…

Are you feeling all warm and fuzzy in your heart??? Bet you are! πŸ’ž

My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Initially I thought I would share my Top 5 accounts with you all, but when I tried to narrow it down to just 5 I failed… Miserably.

My Instagram feed is a lot like my taste in music… Very eclectic… Or crazily varied if you prefer.

I have so many different interests and Instagram is just amazing for showcasing the very best examples of people with similar interests to mine.

As well as that, it is primarily about photographs and with me being a photographer it obviously pushes this particular “social media platform” into the Number 1 position!

So without further ado… here are my favourite accounts to follow, from least fave to absolute fave, and the wonderful things you can expect from them.


Facts – Facts By Guff


This is a wonderfully weird page filled to the brim with the most interesting Facts. That’s all. But if your a strange one like me, who enjoys the most random information, some conversation starters or just an excuse to one up the people around you with your obscure knowledge, then this page is a winner!!!Β 

An example of the kind of information you can expect:

“Google was originally called Backrub”!


StaceyMarieMUA – Stacey McDonald


Stacey is a Doncaster based Makeup Artist whos work is just incredible. Her artistry has attracted almost 100k followers and quite rightly so. She regularly posts videos showing her work in process and has an array of colourful photos on her page to admire. If you love makeup, this is definitely one to follow!


CorbyCraigNewBuild – Craig Johnson


Craigs page is jam-packed full of beautiful images of his newly bought & decorated home. His style is classic and clean, and if you’re a lover of home decor then you will really enjoy what he has to offer. I often flick through his images when I’m feeling stressed and it just calms me… It really does. Also, his InstaStories are pretty funny too.Β 


WonderfulU – Megan Gilbride


I first discovered Megans page through another Instagram account. She often models for a photographer I follow and there was just something about her style and presence that lured me in.Β  Her fashion sense is so wide and varied that she goes from Boho Chic, to High Fashion, to Simple Elegance all in one flawless stride. If I were at all capable of holding down any style at all, it would be hers!


Actual Insta Homes


This page is every home interiors lovers dream. It is a collection of the best of actual instagrammers homes. It is unbelievable and wonderful all at once. It both inspires me, and makes me feel bad about my totally un-insta-ready home! But well worth a follow.Β 


MilkBubbleTea – Becky Hendry


So the only way I can describe this page is Cosy Cosy Cosy!Β 

Becky lives in what can only be described as a white & pastel wonderland. Her home is filled with fluffy blankets, Disney inspired EVERYTHING, cakes & flowers galore. It is where I’d image Alice In Wonderland would live Happily Ever After, which is funny because Becky is not unlike Alice. If you’re looking for cozy vibes… get following.


The Motherload HQ


The tagline for this page is as follows:

“Celebrating the carnage of Motherhood” – this is absolutely the best way to describe this wonderful page. It’s not your typical polished Instagram page, instead it’s full of real life mummy moments and off the cuff humour. Its sole purpose I believe is to make us mummies feel less guilty about our sometimes less than adequate parenting. As well as bringing us mummies all together to celebrate those moments of victory (i.e getting the kids to bed unscathed, or getting them to eat all of their dinner). I love this page… It seems to pop up on my feed just when I really need it.Β 


Mother Of Daughters – Clemmie Hooper


Clemmie is my idol. I honestly don’t know how she does everything she does. She’s a midwife, an InstaMum, an author and a mother to 4 daughters (2 of whom are toddling twins)!!! She is my hero. Shes beautiful and funny and straight speaking. I love her InstaStories so much because shes just so normal. I can relate to her, as can most other women and mothers. She is truly brilliant.Β 


The Mother Hen – Kathryn Hendry


Ok so I’m not entirely sure where I first discovered this wonderful lady. But I’m so glad i did. She is from Belfast and has the best InstaStories. Shes a mum to 3 gorgeous boys, Adam, Finley & Hugo, as well as being married to the ever-so-lovely Daniel. She’s just so open and honest about parenting. She lets you into her life and shares in all the good and not-so-good aspects of motherhood. From celebrating Finley going to sleep at a reasonable hour to wondering how shes going to cook dinner whilst holding Hugo at the same time. She is just great. In fact, I feel like I know her, so much so that I’ve actually had dreams recently where Kathryn and her family have featured. Lol. A bit stalkery??? Maybe… but you should definitely give her a follow. Even if it’s just to hear her amazing Northern Irish accent.Β 


Stacey Leigh From The Soul – Stacey Leigh


Where do I begin with this amazing lady?!?! Stacey has been my saving Grace these last few months. She is a former Social Worker and mummy to Reika and Jacob. Jacob has Autism and she has shared in all aspects of his condition and diagnosis process. She has been invaluable for me and my hubby as our boy has recently been diagnosed with Autism too. She is just such a wonderful and caring person. She reaches out to her followers and makes an effort to connect with them one on one. I am sooo sad that she lives so far from me, because if we were closer I would make a point of connecting with her face-to-face. She is so positive and spiritual, and sees things in such a different way to other people. It’s uplifting to listen to her speak. Even if you don’t have any connecting to Autism, follow her anyway. She will give you a new way to look at your life. You will not be sorry I sent you.Β 

So there you go lovelies. A very small selection of the best my Instagram Feed has to offer. These really are great pages so get yourselves along to them and have a look for yourself… And feel free to let me know if there are any pages you follow that you love and want to share with me.