Back To It

in Lifestyle, 4th July 2017

I’ve not posted in a while and I felt compelled today to try and get back into it.

As previous posts may have alluded to, myself and my little family are going through the process of an Autism diagnosis. It wasn’t a shocking or surprising turn of events as it’s something we’ve known about since Matthew was born.

What was shocking though is how it’s affected me.

I have always been very upfront and practical about the whole situation but for some reason I have recently felt floored by it, hence the break away from blogging.

It’s a strange thing, meeting your mental health issues head on. I’ve always been a very anxious person, but in the last few weeks I have discovered that the highs and lows I have throughout my day are more and more frequent.

I am by no means depressed, but I definitely feel sadder about our future as a family. As a mum, you just want the best for your child and I think the toughest part of all this is having to adjust our expectations to be in line with what Matthews future is for him, as opposed to what we as his parents want it to be.

Anyway, I don’t want to drag on with all of the doom and gloom, and that’s certainly not how I’m feeling now.

Consider this, my easing back into things.

I have been working more on the things I love, spending time with my family and taking photographs.

I hope to be sharing them and some more posts with you all in the upcoming weeks.

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