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6 Perfect Gifts

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When you have a friend or a family member who is expecting, you probably want to make life a little bit easier for her. Being pregnant is difficult enough as it is – but preparing to be a parent? That’s a completely different story.

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Luckily, there are many ways you can make her life way easier by making sure that she has everything she needs before the grand arrival.

Here is a handful of perfect baby shower gifts for your pregnant friend or family member. It just makes it a bit easier to know that you’re getting her something she really needs – and, if somebody else gets her the same, she’ll probably need a lot of it in any way.

#1 Diapers

It doesn’t matter if your friend wants to use cloth diapers or disposable ones; she is going to need to stock up on it. The great thing about giving prospective parents diapers for their baby shower is that, no matter how many of the guests give her the same, it’s going to come in handy.

If you want to be even more thoughtful, you can give her a few packs in different sizes. That way, they have something else to put on their baby in case he or she seemingly grows an inch or two overnight.

Have a look around the web for some good deals on bulk and remember to figure out if they want disposable ones or cloth diapers first, by the way.

#2 Sleeping sack

Make sure that their newborn is both warm, cozy and safe while sleeping by giving them a sleep sack. With such a cute name, it’s sure to be a hit – and you can get them in a ton of different colors too so that the happy recipients get something that works for them.

The thing about sleeping sacks is that they keep the baby warm while the sleeveless design ensures that they’re not overheating.

Plus, the parents won’t have to worry about their little one tangling up in all the loose fabric of blankets; just slip the baby into one of these and they’re ready for a long night of, hopefully, sound sleep.

Think about other clothes that their baby might need as well in case someone else has decided to give them the perfect sleeping sack. All parents are going to need baby clothes, in any way, and they tend to grow out of them rather quickly; give their baby something that he or she can grow into so that the parents won’t have to buy new clothes every other week.

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#3 Stroller

As a parent, you still need to go places and get stuff done – and it’s great to be able to take those kids with for short errands. A stroller is, of course, something every parent needs and you can make sure that they have a high-quality one so that they have one less thing to worry about.

If they already have small children, you might want to consider getting them a stroller that fits other kids as well. A stroller from ZOE is perfect for this and even better if they happen to be expecting twins as their older child may grow out of it rather fast.

It’s important that a stroller is of a good quality as anything else is a real hassle. It needs to be both lightweight and durable in order to avoid all the hassle of pushing around on a stroller that’s working against you.

#4 Maternity pillow

While most people give away things that the parents are going to need for their baby, which makes sense as it is called a baby shower, you might want to consider being a bit different. Parents-to-be need a bit of help even before the baby is born, you know, and especially mummy when she is super pregnant.

A maternity or pregnancy pillow will be her best friend before the baby is born. It lifts her body slightly up from the mattress to give some much-needed support so that she can get a sound sleep.

Give her one of these and you’re also giving her the gift of a comfortable night before the baby is born. It might be even more difficult to sleep after this, you know.

#5 Meal preps

It may not be the perfect gift for a baby shower but it is the perfect add-on gift as a friend. Right after she has given birth, there won’t be as much time to cook meals and make sure that everyone has a healthy meal to eat. Both parents are most likely up to their necks in other things and dinner is simply not on their minds the same way it used to be.

Come over and cook up a lot of different meals they can freeze. We’re talking different casseroles, lasagnas, and other meals that goes well in a freezer. That way, they will have great dinners to eat for weeks to come and can enjoy proper food even when they have a lot to do.

Plus, they’ll think about what a great and thoughtful friend you are while eating your home cooked meals – and that’s kind of enough reason to get cooking straight away.

#6 Crib

From an unconventional gift to a way more traditional one; cribs are the ultimate baby shower gift. It’s not just because their baby undoubtedly needs somewhere to sleep once they’re home, though, as cribs tend to cost a bit as well.

By giving your friend or family member a crib as a baby shower gift, you’re also taking care of one of those costly expenses that they, undoubtedly, are going to face as a parent. A crib is something they’re going to need as soon as they’re back from the hospital, though, so it’s a good idea to have this covered before coming home.

Make sure that nobody else is getting them the same, by the way, as they simply don’t need as many cribs as they might need diapers. Remember to figure out what kind of crib they have in mind as well, though, so that you know you’re getting them something they really want.

Finding the perfect baby shower gift may mean a bit of research but at least you have a lot to choose from. All parents need a lot of different things for their newborn and you can make it way easier for them by making sure that they have all the essential stuff.

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