Yes I may not be a “young thing” anymore according to most people under 30 (i’m 32 btw) but I’m still going to give you my tuppence worth when it comes to all the bits I’ve been loving recently.

So… Let’s just dive right into it!

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My old, current and future favourite skincare product is the:

  • ‘Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water’. I’ve tried them all and this is the one I always come back to. It’s kind on sensitive skin and it’s super affordable so there really are no drawbacks.

As far as makeup goes I have been using and absolutely LOVING the:

  • ‘Maybelline FIT me! Matte & Poreless Foundation’. I am shade 105 and it’s honestly like it was made for me and me alone, it’s so perfect. It leaves a lovely finish on the skin and has wonderful staying power even on a hot, sunny (sweaty) day.

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I was recently sent some MONAT hair products to review and I was SUPER pleased with the results. I used it for the entire month of April and even dedicated an entire post to it which you can read here.

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This one doesn’t really change that often for me I’m afraid. Being a creature of habit, I tend to watch my favourite shows/ movies over and over again. But for the purpose of being honest about my April TV habits here is what I watched:

  • The Big Bang Theory (every single night before bed)
  • Californication (what can I say, Hank Moody gets my motor running)
  • Fifty Shades Freed (much to my husbands dismay)

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I know that a lot of you might scoff at the fact I’ve included Magazines in this category, but I take my magazines very seriously and have had several subscriptions for several years. However, as well as my mags, I’ve also made a real attempt at getting back into reading books. It’s an absolute favourite pastime of mine, that since becoming a mun has fallen by the wayside. That being said, I managed to read an entire book in April AND half of another book (despite not really enjoying that one) which I am immensely proud of:

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This portion of my favourites encompasses all things delightful

  • The amazing Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra Ice Cream I’ve been eating far too much of (buy it now, thank me later)…

… To the wonderful little shop I stumbled upon over on Instagram. If you’re anything like me lovelies then you will understand my obsession over all things stationery. I love it. I spend TOO MUCH money on it but I can’t help myself. So you can only imagine my utter joy when I discovered the wonders of…

  • The Old English Company. It’s a stationery lovers wonderland, but not only that, they also sell the most ADORABLE little enamel pins you have ever laid your eyes on and I promise you will not be able to hold back on your purchases. In fact why not give yourself a chance at winning a set of three gorgeous ‘Heart Enamel Pins’ and enter the competition they are running on their website. Or if you’re like me and want to buy the entire collection (no joke), you can find it all here.

And that’s all folks.

April was a pretty good month and I was impressed with most of the things I tried and tested. Looking forward to being able to share some new finds and new favourites with you all next month.

Take care,

D x

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