It’s Monday morning and I’m sitting watching Peppa Pig with my little boy. I’m exhausted… like *needing matchsticks to hold my eyes open* exhausted, despite having gone to my bed fairly early last night.

Is this the way it is now? Regardless of whether I get a good amount of sleep I’m still going to be in an undying, zombie-like state? Is this motherhood?!?!

My little boy, despite his numerous medical conditions is a really good wee boy. He very rarely cries or moans, he just does his own thing, but he NEVER stops. He’s on the go 100% of his waking hours. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that. He is just physically UNABLE to stay still for any period of time.

I wonder if this is why I’m so tired. Watching him is wearing me out. Worrying about him is wearing me out. This definitely sounds like motherhood.

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