Happy Easter lovelies!

Any Holiday that promotes the consumption of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate is a good one in my books.

Except of course, if like my boy, you have a Dairy Intolerance! 🙁

So because of this we have had to go down the Alternative Easter Goodies route. It’s important to note that a Matthews age it isn’t really a big deal, however these are a few different ideas we and our family have come up with:



Let me be clear, I am absolutely not an advocate of showering kids with a mountain of gifts on days like today. If Matthew didn’t have a Dairy intolerance then he would have been given an Easter Egg just like every other child. These were just some of the gifts we and our family bought him so as to not leave him out on a public Holiday which is primarily celebrated through the consumption of Milk Chocolate Eggs!

On that basis, I am now away to eat all of the chocolate in the house!!!

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