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in Lifestyle, 11th October 2018

Life Renovation

So I know I’ve been a little bit AWOL as of late, and for good reason.

As well as making an attempt at transforming myself into a better version of me, I’m also undertaking the job of transforming my house into a better version of itself.  A bit of a life renovation if you will!

This is a lot of work. 

I mean A LOT!!!

With Matthew being the crazy, rambunctious boy he is, there are very little items in my house that aren’t damaged or broken. So it’s a long process to correct everything . 

Right now for example, I thought I’d nip on the computer really fast and put this post up. All the while this is what Matthew has done to the living room…

And YES, he is also the one responsible for the stains on my couch cushion. 

It can’t be helped, and I appreciate that this is something he needs to do in order to fulfil his sensory needs. But it’s definitely a pain in the backside to have to continuously put your home back together. 

Starting Slowly

Anyway, I’m starting slowly and have decided that the Kitchen is the room in the house that needs it most. So it’s been painted, I’m painting the cabinets and drawers, it’s getting new flooring and a little trip to Ikea is on the horizon for some extra bits and bobs to bring the room together. 

It’s quite a dramatic transformation in terms of the colours I’m using, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut and that’s what I’m doing. Plus, if it doesn’t work out then it’s just a matter of re-painting, which isn’t a massive deal is it?

Anyway,  I plan on sharing some before and afters of the kitchen and a little more detail about what we done in a renovation blog post once it’s all complete. In the meantime though, I just wanted to put a little update out there to explain my absence. 

Having a 3 year old on the spectrum is already time consuming enough without adding home renovations into the mix. What can I say… I love the challenge. 

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