Switched Off

Happy Saturday lovelies.

I’ve been AWOL for the last week as my laptop, unfortunately, gave up the ghost and decided to stop turning on.

I could’ve written some posts up on my iPhone but I thought I’d be better just taking advantage of the situation and enjoying the break… Which if i’m being honest I didn’t really do.

Writing has become so much more than just words on a screen for me. It’s therapeutic on so many levels, especially when I have weeks like I’ve just had.

Regardless, I’m back at it and I’m very happy about that.

6 thoughts on “Switched Off

  1. Yay! Iโ€™m glad that youโ€™re back! Since I have been in Bali I have been physically writing down posts as they come to my head which I will eventually type up and share. I thought having a break from writing would be easy but I also feel a little lost without it.

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