The Wicked Beast From The East

So last week up and down the country we encountered what can only be described as ‘Snowmageddon’! Almost the entire UK was met with fierce blizzards and a seemingly unending amount of snowfall, so much so that the country literally came to a standstill.


Not a loaf of bread, nor a pint of milk was to be found anywhere for days… so what did we do…Β We went outside and played in it of course!





Until we realised that if we stayed out any longer than 15 minutes that we would most likely lose our fingers and toes!

Was still fun though.

5 thoughts on “The Wicked Beast From The East

  1. I love these photos! i am one of those really really annoying people that LOVE the snow. I am like a child, plotting where I am going to take cover when I launch my attack on my sons returning from school/college etc. I just love it! It is crazy how we come to a standstill though, I bet countries like Canada laugh at us! Glad you had fun with your little one xx

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