Sites/ People to follow regarding Autism/ Sensory Issues

Hello lovelies!

I thought i’d write a little post related to all of the great information I have found while doing some research on my boys condition.

I am one of those people that needs as much information as possible in order to properly prepare myself and I have found that there is an abundance of wonderful first hand experiences of mums and dads going through the same thing, as well as a bucket load of absolute garbage that you have to weed through. So I thought since I’ve already done all the weeding through that i’d share the great sites and people I’ve found so that you don’t have to go looking.

Here goes…

Finding Coopers Voice


This is a Facebook Page led by Coopers mum Kate. The only way I can describe Kate and this page is by saying she, and it, are simply incredible. She is sooo open and honest about the struggles she and her family all go through with Coopers condition, as well as sharing in all the wonderful moments they experience together. She posts video diaries almost every day and if you are looking to be inspired then this lady and her beautiful boy will do that for you!!!

Mummy & The Bubbas – Stacey Leigh


This amazing lady is mummy of 2, with her youngest Jacob being on the Autism Spectrum. She is the ultimate advocate of Autism Awareness and she is so real and so relatable that you will feel instantly like shes one of your friends. She has vlogs and blog posts regarding Jacobs autism journey and she is always willing to give advice or be a shoulder for those going through the same process. She has made me aware of so much related to the condition, but she does so in an understandable way. She is great – definitely give her a follow!

Michael’s Mum


This lovely lady Julia, is a mummy to Michael who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. She is a former Tax Lawyer, turned ABA Therapist for her son and she, like the other mums i’ve mentioned is just brilliant. Her aim with her blog is to help other parents, while documenting her own journey. She writes beautifully, and her posts are so eloquent that you will enjoy reading along regardless of whether you have a child on the spectrum or not. 

The National Autistic Society


This organisation, if you live in the UK is the leading charity for Autistic people and their families. They offer a wealth of knowledge from the diagnosis process to local schools and nurseries where Autistic people are catered for. There are real life stories to read and even a shop where you can purchase merchandise and educational resources to gain a better understanding of the condition. Like I said, if you’re in the UK, get yourself along to this site and get involved. 

Scary Mommy


This is a brilliant site whereby an abundance of “Scary Mommy” contributors create the content. It is funny and smart and you can quite easily get lost for hours among it’s articles. There is lots of posts  about Autism and all things “Spectrum” related and it is written so beautifully and by so many different, talented women that you get a whole host of different perspectives and information to work with. Love this site sooooo much… and the Twitter feed is just as great! 

So there you go. I have heeps more but I don’t want to bombard you with too much, so I’ll do another post at a later date, giving you enough time to sink your teeth into all of these fantastic sites and people!

I think the most important thing that I’ve learned from all of these wonderful people, is that no two cases are the same. There are similarities, but ultimately each child’s symptoms and behaviours are completely unique to them. It doesn’t do you or anyone else in your family any good to make comparisons, but for someone like me who is waiting (ever so impatiently) on the diagnosis process moving forward, it means I have copious amounts of reading material and can be as prepared as possible for when diagnosis happens (or doesn’t)!

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